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Paint Grid is a program which draws grids on images. Its main audience is artists and people wanting to improve their drawing skills. That last part is very useful when you consider a class full of school children.

If you have ever drawn a grid on an image, you will know how drawn out and tedious it can be. On top of that, the tedium only increases when the image size and the number of rows and columns increase. For example, it is not unheard of for a 100x100 grid to take ten/twenty minutes to complete, and this is on a good day. You can quite easily spend over an hour completing this "prep-work" if the image is big enough.

This is where Paint Grid comes in...

I would find it surprising if you took more than ten seconds to complete the above task, when using Paint Grid. This, also, includes you digging around in your computer's folders to find the image.

On top of the speed gains, Paint Grid can change the colour of the grid with the click of a button. Try doing that when you are three-quarters of the way through drawing a grid by hand. You can, also, change the thickness of the grids lines by moving a slider.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot: 1 The image is previewed on the left and you adjust the grid with the controls on the right.

For those interested in coding, I built Paint Grid on top of open source software. I created a project called Death Socket and you can find it on Git.Abbether. Paint Grid uses Death Socket's NuGet package for its main functionality. It (Death Socket), also, comes with a console program as part of the repository. With it, you have access to most of Paint Grid's features. So, if you are someone who prefers to work at the command-line, feel free to head over to Git.Abbether and check it out.

As an aside, I have provided a separate (compiled) console program in the "Releases" section. This means you do not need to clone the repository or compile the source code yourself.

Now, back to Paint Grid...

At the moment, Paint Grid only runs on Windows 10. I plan to extend it to Android, IOS and MacOS in the future but it all depends on how quick/easy it is to update Death Socket. So, for now, all I can say is keep and eye out for future announcements.

Microsoft Store link