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About Desktop Clock

This is a basic WPF program which displays the data and time so it is readable from a distance. Desktop Clock uses a NuGet package called FluentWPF. This allows the program to look like a Windows 10 UWP program. The most notable aspects being the translucent chrome and the highlighting of near-by buttons.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1: Desktop Clock is a WPF program which looks like a UWP program.

Publishing Information

If you would like to use, it you will need to build from the source code provided. I did not want to mess around with ClickOnce or any other packaging mechanism.

With it being a WPF program, it can run on Windows 7 and 8 machines.

Future Plans

I do not intend to take this any further. It is a simple program which I have running 24/7, floating about on the screen. It sits there and does what I need it to do. Anything else seems like overkill and I do not find myself wanting it to do something extra. Therefore, if you want something adding to it, I recommend you fork it.


Desktop Clock is available on Git.Abbether. Feel free to check it out, download it or fork it. Git.Abbether Repository