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This project does all the hard work and gets no respect.

Skivvy's main function is to parse and transform data from the CO-API so the CO-Data project can save processing cycles when generating its graphs. I imagine most people will never use this project but if you fancy playing around with the data from CO-API, Skivvy might help you get data into a shape you might prefer. Of course, you can stick to how CO-API gives you the data to begin with.

I wrote Skivvy in Python3 and is should be ran from its own virtual environment. It comes with its own 'requirements.txt' file and the project's 'README.txt' file explains how to set one up.

Unfortunately, this is not a pretty or sexy project. So, there is no nice images to demonstrate what it looks like, or does for that matter. Skivvy is a data-wrangling project with the purpose of making the task of another project (CO-Data) easier to do. This project very much lives up to its name.

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