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About Subway

Note: This project is no longer active.

Subway is a WordPress theme with a New York feel and an old-school London Tube twist ("Raleway" anyone?). If you want a website with big buttons, easy and clear navigation and lots of colour options, this theme is for you. It, also, looks good on any screen size which is never a bad thing.

The main type of site Subway excels at is a blog based one. When you visit the demo. site, you will see why. The site focuses on giving the viewer the content in a quick and clear manner... much like the designs in London and New York.

The default colour palette for Subway is (very) grey and this is intentional. One of the goals, whilst designing Subway, was to create or encourage a sense of "make Subway your own". So, one of the things we did was have Subway's default look be "basic". By doing this we are hopeful the user will feel compelled to check out the customisation tools. Speaking of customisation tools... The second thing we did was integrate and extend the built-in WordPress Colorizer. By doing this, the user can make Subway look how they want it to. On top of that, because it is a built-in WordPress feature, there is a good chance you know how to use it. If not, there are already a lot of tutorials and guides (online and off) on how to use it. That is one less thing to learn/worry about.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1: An example of how Subway could look.

Other features which come with Subway are shortcodes and templates. If you are new to WordPress, do not worry about knowing what they are. They are things which WordPress uses quite a bit so you will learn about them the more you use WordPress. For those who do know what they are, the demo. site has examples explaining what is available (see “Live Preview” link below). In a nutshell... Shortcodes allow you to create Subway themed links (including social-media specific ones). Templates generate information using the extended Customizer settings. Also, on the demo. site, there are more examples of customised versions of Subway.

Theme Information

  1. Licenses Provided: GPL 2.0
  2. File Types: PDF, ZIP, (PHP, CSS, JS, PNG, SVG)
  3. File Size: 699.21 KB
  4. Layout: Responsive
  5. Minimum Browser Support: IE 11+, Firefox 14+, Chrome 19+, Safari 5.1+, 1. Opera 12+, Edge 14+
  6. Live Preview
  7. Available at [Creative Market