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Note: This project is no longer active.

This is a tech-heavy project aimed at software developers. If 'JSON' and 'API' mean nothing to you, you are probably best skipping this page. Otherwise, CO-API is a RestAPI which provides serves this site's ( meta-data.

I made the API out of curiosity. I wanted to see things like what day of the week I completed most of my work on and what has been my most productive year so far. I began doing this in a manual fashion (I.E. accessing the database and writing SQL statements) and did not save the results. I did not save them because I considered each look-up as a one-off type of thing. After the third time of doing this, I decided I should make this a bit easier for myself -- or repeatable at least. So, I began saving the results of the look-ups but then I thought about it and -- much faffing later -- CO-API was created. By doing this, I can now attach this data to various endpoints (proof-of-concept app's, 'fake data', charting libraries Etc.) and so can you.

I created CO-API with Swagger and the output is in JSON. The site, also, has a preview feature (courtesy of Swagger) so you can see what the data looks like without writing a line of code. It, also, provides details of various schemas so you can map the data to the appropriate datatype your end (again, courtesy of Swagger).

CO-API Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1: Use the site to see the list of calls you can make.

CO-API Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2: Use the website to demonstrate what the data looks like when you call it.

An example of this API being used is in another project of mine called CO-Data. It produces graphs to show the meta-data for work I have published to this ( site. That CO-Data is an open-source project so you can modify the code to your liking -- or use it as a reference for working with the data provided by CO-API.

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