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Plug Socket Wall Mount


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This design is basically a hook. I designed it as a quick-fix for mounting my plug socket to the wall. Because of this, the design doesn't extend well beyond my initial needs -- when it comes to plug sockets. I've decided to share it with you because the hook aspect of it might be of use to you.

This is an aside, please ignore if you get bored reading it... I realise I should have labelled this as a 'Wall Hook' or something along those lines. The reason I didn't is because I designed this to solve my plug socket problem. This means all the files on my computer are labelled around the plug socket problem/aim/goal. If I divert from that here, I will only confuse myself further down the line. I have quite a few project files on my computer and I rely on the operating system's search features to find stuff. If I need to jump back into the project files (after a long time away from it) and I base my search on 'wall hook' because that is what it says here, I will never find it. My brain power just isn't that great. I need all the help I can get with this stuff.

Printer Settings

The settings below are the main ones I used when printing the model.

Layer Height: 0.28 mm Infill Density: 20% Supports: Yes Rafts: No (Doesn't matter) Filament: PLA The figures below are based on using Cura 4.8 and the settings above.

Estimated Print Time: 1 Hours 25 Minutes Material Usage: 12 g, 4.04 m

Project Files