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This project is a spin-off of the Amazing Animal Alphabet game. Whilst designing visual assets for the game, I liked how the drawings of the animals looked as standalone images. This encouraged me to create more graphics-based things with them. This lead to me creating this page.

If you have visited the page for the Amazing Animal Alphabet game, you would have seen a download link for an ebook version of the game. This has been the case since the beginning of that page's existence. I resisted uploading more of the graphics-based things because I thought it made the page too confusing. I didn't want a page in the 'Software' section with non-software related stuff on it. So, I limited it to the ebook and left it at that. The situation changed when I added a 'Graphics' section to the site (June 2022). When I jumped back into the source code to add the Graphics section to the site, this project was one of the motivators for making sure I finished it.

I've split this overall project into two smaller ones. They are:

  1. eBook (.epub and .pdf versions)
  2. Posters (.png files only)

The ebook is a picture-book version of the game. It doesn't contain the animations or sounds-effects which might be something you prefer over the game. A child pressing the same button over-and-over again is one way to make a parent mad. The .ebook and .pdf versions of the book are the same, regarding formatting and layout. The reason for the two file-types is so you can choose you're preferred file format.

For the posters, there are twenty-seven .png files in total. Twenty-six of them focus on a particular letter/animal. The last one is a group poster with all the animals/letters on it. The file sizes are quite large but they allow you to print up to A1 (594x841 mm), if you have the means to.


The images below are a selection of the project files. Use the links above to download the complete collection.

Project Files