CLI running on various devices


CLI is a WordPress theme which brings the retro. What it does is allow people to navigate your website like it was a console/terminal from back in the day.

To help you get the creative juices going, here is one idea you could use CLI for. You can create a documentation website. What you would do is create a post for each section or topic you want to document. From there, you can have the home page contain a list of all the sections/topic/pages (I.E. an index). The site's users can then enter the section/topic they want to look up into the prompt. (Your hands do not even need to leave the keyboard.) On top of that, because it is a website, the user can open tabs, use their browser history and email the pages URL.

The barebone essence of console/terminals is something we wanted CLI to uphold. So, if you know how to use WordPress, you already know how to use CLI. It encourages you to get your content onto the site with minimal fuss, using the techniques you already know. There is no steep learning curve which forces you to go outside of WordPress' way of doing things. It is just you and your content. Also, a text-based website is a quick website...

Screenshot 1: Even though it looks like a console, it still uses HTML elements like lists.
Screenshot 2: Code blocks and highlighting are, also, available.

Theme Information

  1. Licenses Offered: GPL
  2. File Types: PDF, ZIP
  3. File Size: 1.72MB
  4. Layout: Responsive
  5. Minimum Browser Support: IE 11+, Firefox 14+, Chrome 19+, Safari 5.1+, 1. a 12+, Edge 14+
  6. Live Preview
  7. Available at Creative Market
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