Skivvy and Shortcut Learner

Monday, 27 July 2020 | Software Program

As you might has already seen, I have created two new software projects. They are call Skivvy and Shortcut Learner. I wrote them both in Python3 but they serve different needs. Skivvy is a data-wrangling project and Shortcut Learner is for managing your personal collection of shortcuts, via the terminal.

Both of these projects are not sexy projects, especially Skivvy, but they are useful in their own way. If I'm honest, though, Shortcut Learner is the safer bet when it comes to guessing which one you'll likely use.

I won't go into too much detail about the projects here. Instead, I will provide links to the project page of each one and their Git repositories (below). Hopefully, the more dedicated pages will allow the extra details (programming details) more room to breath -- and it's not like everyone enjoys reading about the innards of a computer program.

To end this announcement, I will provide a some screenshots of Shortcut Learner to give you a glimpse of what it looks like. Unfortunately, Skivvy doesn't have a visual element to it. So, I can't show you anything graphical. Like I stated above, Skivvy is for data-wrangling and doesn't have a graphical appearance.

Shortcut Learner Screenshot 1
Figure 1: Screenshot of Shortcut Learner.
Shortcut Learner Screenshot 2
Figure 2: Another screenshot of Shortcut Learner.


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