Artwork upto Date and New A.P.I.

Friday, 14 February 2020 | Site News

This is more of a summary than anything else. The quick version is all my artwork is now on the site and I have made a representational-state-transfer (REST or RESTful) application-programming-interface (A.P.I.) website which grants programmers access to my artworks metadata. Because it's a mouthful, I will refer to it in its most commonly used form: "REST-API".

You can stop reading now if all you wanted was the gist. The rest is a pleasant waddle through incomplete thoughts around the above topics. Please continue reading if you have time for that.

First of all, I have finished transferring all my artwork over from the original version of this site. Hopefully, this should mean a higher output rate from me, regarding blog posts and artworks. On top of that, I can now begin adding things to the Gallery section (on this site). I'm undecided on whether I should create a more specific site for the gallery or keep it on this site, though. If I create a separate site, it will allow me to create exhibitions with their own styling and layout far more easily than hosting them on this site. Although, it would mean one more thing to manage which might mean a drop in output levels.

Anyway... I'm undecided and that's where I'm at right now. So, I'll leave that there before I start waffling to an obnoxious level of disrespect.

The second thing I mentioned above is the REST-API. At the moment, it's in a somewhat skeletal state but I intend to add to it over the course of the year so keep an eye out for future feature announcements.

I made this additional site because I wanted to play with Python's charting libraries and see if I could spot anything odd and interesting in the way I work. By decoupling the database from this website, I've found it easy to create little throw-away scripts and projects -- which I've used to learn about said charting libraries. Hopefully, this A.P.I. becomes a nice little playground of data for people to (erm...) play with.

If you decide to work with the data, let me know if you find anything interesting in it. For example, at the time of writing, I have never completed an artwork on the first day of any month since 2011 (the data doesn't go back further than that). Another thing I've found which I think is odd is I produce more work in "odd" years (2013, 2015, 2019 Etc.) than "even" years.

That is all for now.


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