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Friday, 30 August 2019 | Software Program

Update (1st December 2019): I have moved from GitLab to my own self-hosted version control system -- called Git.Abbether. The appropriate links have been updated to reflect this.

I did not foresee me making this but here you go... In Plain Sight Mobile is available to download. The links are at the end of the announcement.

In Plain Sight Mobile encrypts and decrypts text and emojis and that's pretty much it. With that said, it does allow you to do certain things. The most notable one is it enables you to visualise what you're encrypting/decrypting. Unlike app's which include it as a feature amongst many and don't go into detail about it. Although, that's still better than those which don't offer any encryption at all. Which is another thing In Plain Sight Mobile enables you to do. You can now post encrypted messages in public places. And, if the people reading it know the passphrase, they can decrypt it -- allowing you to hide messages in plain sight.

For those interested in the technical side of things, here are a couple of bullet points:

I have no idea if this is of any use to anyone but I have made it now and it seems pointless keeping it to myself. Anyway... to use it, you will need to follow these three steps:

Screenshot 1: Typical look of program.
Screenshot: How the program typically looks.
  1. Enter a passphrase (1); It must be no shorter than twelve characters.
  2. Enter what you want encrypting/decrypting into the text box (2).
  3. Press either the Encrypt or Decrypt button (3).

Bonus Step...

  1. Press the Copy button (4) to message so you can paste it into what you want (social media, e-mail, Notepad Etc.).

As an aside, when you are decrypting a message, the passphrase must match the one used to encrypt it. This is what allows you to post messages in public.

I said at the start I didn't foresee me making this and the reason why is because I have spent most of the year using Linux. I've, also, been quite happy with it and had no intention of creating another Windows app. My plan was:

What changed was I hit a high level of boredom whilst writing the documentation and needed a change. This coincided with a lazy Sunday and me thinking "that doesn't look too hard and it'll past the time". It turns out, only half of that statement is true.

Having read the above, you might be thinking I will release this and let it rot in the store so it's not worth using. That is not the case. Depending on the feedback I get, I will keep chipping away at it like Paint Grid. (I still have a Windows tablet and use it for things I haven't ported over to Linux.)

Last of all, a quick update on the documentation for my NuGet packages. I still need to write a large chuck for Console.Waterworks but I've finished the others. I could expand upon the odd page but that is more quality control than anything else -- nothing show stopping. After that, you should start to see more things land on this site (artwork, gallery section, writing Etc).

Microsoft Store link


  1. Wikipedia article on A.E.S.
  2. Bouncy Castle's Website (C# A.P.I.)
  3. GitLab Profile (NuGet packages) Git.Abbether Profile (NuGet packages)
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