Big Re-arrangement in the Software Department

Friday, 15 February 2019 | Site News

Update (1st December 2019): I have moved from GitLab to my own self-hosted version control system -- called Git.Abbether. The appropriate links have been updated to reflect this.

Over the winter period, I have made some big changes to my studio set-up. The main one are;

  1. I have made Linux my main operating system.
  2. I have move my GitHub repositories to GitLab Git.Abbether.
  3. I have deleted my GitHub account.
  4. I have delete the-immutable-null NuGet feed on MyGet.
  5. I have released all the-immutable-null NuGets on

I could go into the whys and hows but I do not want to waste your time. All you need to know is you must go to if you want to use my open-source code from now on.

In amongst the changes is my decision to re-tool. This re-tooling is across the board: artwork, software and writing. For the most part, you will not notice any difference when it comes to my artwork and writing. (I will be using Inkscape instead of Illustrator.) I cannot say the same for my software projects, though.

At the moment, my plan is to finish writing the wikis for each of my projects on GitLab Git.Abbether. After that, I will start to move away from C#, F# and .Net in-general. This does not include Paint Grid, though.

As an aside, I consider Prototype Placeholder done. I really do not like working with the UWP stack.

All the NuGet based projects are now on as full releases. So, if you used the alphas on the-immutable-null (MyGet), you can update your projects to the full versions.

I think that is all.

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