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Friday, 30 November 2018 | Software Program

Today is the day I announce Paint Grid. It's a program which draws grids over images. What this means is you can now reduce a task which takes tens of minutes to mere seconds. This is no joke, I can assure you. For those who have have drawn a 40x40 grid on an image, remember how long and tedious it was to do? With Paint Grid, I doubt it would take more than ten seconds, and that includes digging around your computer looking for the file.

Screenshot 1: Drag and drop an image into Paint Grid and use the controls to adjust the grid.

At the moment, Paint Grid is only available on Windows 10. This is because you can only buy it from the Microsoft Store. With that said, Paint Grid is not a UWP1 app. so it can run on Windows 7 and 8/8.1. My intension is to set-up a payment service outside of the store but, for now, the store is the only place to get it.

For the more tech-savvy, folks, I built Paint Grid on top of open source software: Death Socket! The source code is available on GitHub and comes with a NuGet package and a console program. So, if you prefer working at the console level, head over to GitHub and check out the repository.

One of the plus-sides of building Paint Grid on top of Death Socket is the portability. With it (Death Socket) being a .Net Standard library, it means I can build Android, iOS and MacOS versions. That is at least theory... Guess time will tell.

Anyway, keep an eye out for further announcement on this in the future.

Microsoft Store link

End Notes

  1. UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. UWP app's are applications designed to run on Windows 10 only. They were originally designed to be the only app's you could sell on the Microsoft Store. This was before before Microsoft changed their mind. So, now developers can sell more traditional app's on there (WinForms, WPF Etc.). As an aside, the "universal" part referred to the idea of writing your application once and have it run on various Windows 10 platforms (phone, Xbox, Holo Lens Etc.) straight way. If you're someone who doesn't write or care about writing software, you can ignore most of this. All you need to know is, if you have Windows 10, you can run Paint Grid.
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