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Thursday, 29 November 2018 | NuGet

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I... am a bad person. On more than one occasion, I've went to bed without brushing my teeth. I've, also, called more than three people "fat" when they weren't. Am I proud? No, but I don't hate myself either. I can't even muster an ounce of guilt for that matter. That all changed, though, after the event of 2016. I committed an act beyond redemption, a filthy act which has no place on our home planet. "What was it?", I hear you ask. I... I offered to help a friend. I cannot stress enough, though, he asked before I offered. So, in a way, it's his fault. Now, if he could admit that, it would make the Earth wobble a little less... maybe even cure global warming...

Anyway, I'm digressing...

So, this so-called friend of mine was in my studio this one time. I think we were talking about some software I was working on. I can't remember what one exactly but we did talk. I was probably bored or my lack of respect kicked in. With that said, I do remember talking about drawing grids on photographs. I, also, remember agreeing with his assessment. They are annoying, boring and tedious. But, my friend is the painter, not me. So, this observation was/is lost on me. It did pique my interest, though.

After agreeing on the downsides of drawing a grid on a photograph, my friend showed me something. The applications people had written to help ease this problem were/are bloody awful. What I found surprising most of all was the lack of them. Even to this day (2018),  they are few and far between. It was at this point when I had my moment of weakness. He could sense my thoughts and showed me his puppy-dog-eyes. That's when I did it. I said I could write a computer program which adds a grid to his images... He would no longer need to risk uploading his images to a server or deal with that weird second line in that iOS app. It would be simple, predictable and all on his computer – without that weird second (shadow?) line.

So, here we are...

Having given myself two years to seek professional help and work through my issues, I've begun. I've started making that computer program. The first step toward completing this task is Death Socket. It's a .Net Standard 2.0 library, written in F# and hosted on GitHub. (It, also, comes with a console program if you don't want to work with the source code.) At the time of writing, the library is available on MyGet. This means you can add it to your project as a NuGet package.

If you're wondering how Death Socket fits into the overall plan, let me tell you. The code in Death Socket is the code which operates underneath the visual (GUI) part of the program. This means I can build several versions of the program (Android, iOS Etc.) and use the same code. It is not tied to the GUI part in a hin...

I've just realised... I should've said at the start of this announcement that is for software developers only. If you're not a developer and got this far, I apologise. None of this must make any sense.

Before I go further down the rabbit hole, I'm going to wrap this announcement up with a quick summary.

As an aside, keep an eye out for Paint Grid. It's the name of the GUI program I'm working on – which runs on top of Death Socket. The first version will be available for Windows, as a desktop program.

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