The Immutable Null: My New MyGet Feed

Sunday, 29 July 2018 | MyGet

In a world full of NuGet packages, the fight for dominance reigns supreme. Gangsters bludgeon with those rubber mallets. Pimps inflict papercuts and hurl shade. Mathematicians drills into people's hands and laugh. That is until now... Join us for the rise of one feed to rule them all. It's not the feed we deserve but the one we need right now.

Throughout its rise, you will see various NuGet packages published to MyGet before they are finalised and published to This means you can experience the bleeding edge of my handy work before the safe-nellies.

Get ahead and live a little. You ain't gettin' any younger.

Oh, one last thing... If you want to contribute to any of the packages in this feed, head over to GitHub and get involved.

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