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Sunday, 08 July 2018 | WordPress Theme

Quick, over here. Come on, come on... I have something to tell you. Subway is now available on Creative Market[1]. It's a WordPress theme with a New York Subway feel but with an old-school London Underground twist. If you want something with big buttons and lots of colour options, this theme is for you.

The theme is blog based with a goal of being clear and easy to navigate. Because of this, your viewers can navigate your site with ease. It doesn't matter if they prefer their fingers, trackpads or mice.

You might think the default layout on the demo.[2] site is a wee bit grey. The reason it's like that is because we want to encourage you to make the theme your own. Subway extends the built-in Customizer so you can make the site sparkle in a way which reflects who you are.

Subway screenshot 1
Screenshot 1: Subway adapts to the device it's currently viewed on.
Subway screenshot 2
Screenshot 2: Here is an example of how you could customise subway.

Quick, head over to the demo. site and check it out. After that, head over to Creative Market to buy it. Quickly now... Go... What are you waiting for? Go!

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  1. Creative Market ($28.80)
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