Introducing Smouldering Beach Ball

Saturday, 07 July 2018 | NuGet

This announcement is a little early but I have already made the repository on GitHub[1]. Because of that, I should explain what it is all about.

The aim is to turn the Smouldering Beach Ball project into a NuGet package. People can then use that package to create placeholder images. Within the repository, a console program will accompany the main library code. This will allow users to interact with the library code (I.E. the NuGet package) without the need to use NuGet.

If you're interested in the technical details, read the bullet points. If not, jump over them...

  1. The project's main language is F# (I.E. The main library and the Test Centre).
  2. The language used for the console program is C# -- I find it produces a better release build (E.G. console icon).
  3. The project will use the full .Net framework (4.7+).
  4. The testing libraries I intend to use are XUnit and FsCheck.
  5. The main developer environment is Visual Studio Comunity 2017 (ver. 15.7.4+).
  6. The testing libraries use the XUnit Visual Studio Test Runner. There is a console runner if you prefer that, though.

The reason for this project existing is because of an application I made. Its name is Prototype Placeholder[2] and it is available on the Windows Store. It is a nice little application (excuse my modesty) but there are things about it which irks me. The main one is I wrote it as a UWP application. This limited what I could do with it but things have changed since the time I made it. With the introduction of the Desktop Bridge[3], I can move away from using UWP for publishing app's. Because of this, I have had a re-think about how Prototype Placeholder should work. So, if all goes well, this project will be one of many opensource NuGet packages I intend to publish. And, these packages should come together to form a better Prototype Placeholder.

Relevant Links

  1. Smouldering Beach Ball GitHub Repository
  2. Prototype Placeholder
  3. Desktop Bridge
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