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Monday, 07 May 2018 | Software Program

Time is such a strange concept. It's something you can runout of, kill, waste, pass-by and spend. But, it has no physical properties. How does one kill a non-physical object? It's not like you can slay it like a dragon or poison it like a pro...

How come we only die when our time is up? "Up" is usually considered a good thing. "Onwards and upwards" they say, "the only way is up", "he's on the way up"... You never hear people say their time is down or left or right. It's either up or... well, sometimes the time is right or there is some time left. But, time is never down. There is downtime but is that the same?

This is what brings me to Desktop Clock. It's a WPF program, which runs on Windows. It tells the date and the time and looks like this,

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1: It's a WPF program which looks like a UWP program.

You might have noticed it looks like a UWP program, which only runs on Windows 10. You might have, also, realised WPF programs don't look like UWP programs -- and you'll be correct. The reason it does look like this is because Desktop Clock uses a NuGet package called FluentWPF. This means Windows 7 and 8 users can runs programs which utilise the Fluent Design System.

If you're wondering why the text is a bit on the chunky side, you'll be glad to know I have an answer. The reason why is because it makes it easy to read from a distance. If you’re like me, you don't always have your head two-feet away from your screen. This means the clock in the task bar is unreadable when you're not at your desk. This is where Desktop Clock shines the most. For those who say "use the lock screen", I have one thing to say,

"being away from our computer, it doesn't mean we're not using it".

I'd make a great politician if I actually cared.

This is the part where you are most likely starting to salivate at the month. So, to minimise your gross behaviour, I'll say Desktop Clock is open source and available on GitHub. Feel free to download the source code and build it. I hope you have a lovely time with it.

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