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Monday, 02 April 2018 | Site News

I will admit, the number of announcements made does not reflect the work done to get here. But, here we are. The website is now at 1.0-alpha. This means all the initial feature-targets are working.

The reason I have labelled it as an alpha is because the behind-the-scenes code could do with some work. With that said, I am bullish about the lack changes I expect to see in the main part of the website's codebase. There will be changes but they will be minor and testing related.

Another reason why the website is in alpha is because the content from my old website has not made it across yet. I do not plan on leaving this in alpha until everything is over here. But, things like the About, Contact and Privacy pages are still missing their content. When the site has fattened up beyond the skin-and-bone stage, I will look to move it to the beta stage.

A Quick Run Down of What 1.0-alpha Brings

Home Page

The home page now shows how much each section contains. Although, this does not include the gallery section. That feature will come when the gallery starts housing content.


This section has been complete for a little while now, it just lacks content. Amongst its features is the ability to list out every announcement and display what is in it. This section, also, has inner-section navigation.


This section lists out every artwork for you to peruse through at your own leisure. It, also, has inner-section navigation and the ability to change the media type on the-fly. This means when paging through the artwork section, it will display a video if its a video and an image if it is an image. You will probably not notice or care for this feature which I will take as a compliment. The chances of you noticing this is low and rightly so.


Nothing to report here. At the moment, this section is full of preparation work for future plans. Those plans include cherry-picking my artworks and presenting them in a considered manner.


What we have here is a little section for sharing links to external resources. The intension is to only include things which relate to this site or me in some way.


This section is a little looser than the others. It does not aim to document or list everything to a level of detail like the others. Instead, the aim of this section is to show things I have made which are a bit more hobby-like. You will still find inner-section navigation. But, the sketchbooks are the only things listed -- not the stuff inside them.


This section lists out every software project and has inner-section navigation. You will find information about each project and how to download them, as well.

RSS Feeds

I have decided to include two types of RSS feeds for the Announcements and Writing sections. You can either subscribe to the full version which displays the full article in your feed reader. Or, you can use the basic one. This populates your reader with just the title and publishing information. I will let you decide which one you want to use.


The features in here are the as same the announcements section. The only thing different is the type of content occupying it. This section is for presenting my blog. I am still undecided on what type of blog I want this to be but I am sure I will work it out.

A Note on the Website's Styling

At this moment in time, the website's styling is setup for mobile-based devices. The nature of the design means it does not look weird on bigger screens but I can improve it. So, if you notice little changes here and there, you are not going mad -- something is different.

I think that is everything, minus the little and really boring minutiae. Enjoy!

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