New Feature: Inner-Section Navigation

Saturday, 10 March 2018 | Site News

The previous announcement said I was going to add "previous" and "next" links as the next feature. Well, I can confirm I have done that. The Announcements, Artwork and Writing sections all have inner-section navigation. Good job, team. Good job...

During the course of the latest update, I had a look at the home page as well as the navigation. If you arrived here from the home page, you might have noticed the lick of paint I gave it. At this point, the styling only caters to mobile phones so it might look a weird on bigger screens. I hope that does not cause your eyes to imploded and explode at the same time which, in-turn, causes you to create a singularity and a paradox thus destroying every section of time and space, though. If it does, I apologise in advance -- seeing as I will not be able to do it after the disturbing ruckus.

Anyway... that is it for now. For the next update, I intend to have the Links and Software sections up and running.

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